Windows System Administration, Active Directory, User Administration, Technical Support, Hardware Support, Mobile and Smart Devices


Ubiquity and ubiquitous devices, embedded and mobile technology, NFC, Bluetooth and Wireless device, Virtualisation, Network, Security
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Georgi Kolev

Georgi has been a computer specialist by profession since 2014. after graduating from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. According to his interests in education, he has a wide range of skills and knowledge, a good combination of theory and practice. He is passionate about mobile, built-in and portable devices and their technologies. Part of the practice includes Windows System Administration, along with touching hardware on end-user devices (computers, laptops, printers, handheld pocket PCs, including peripherals, and POS equipment) as well as enterprise devices - servers and types of server devices, also as well as network devices and components. He is a graduate of the Computer High School in the town of Pravets, and in his free time he is interested in a not so small list of sports. He believes that the future of the modern world and technology is batteries and energy storage.

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