JAVA, SQL, SCRUM, HTML, CSS, Eclipse, ASP.NET, C#, jQuery


Oracle, Project Management, Java Script
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Dobromir Simeonov

At the beginning of my career I was involved in the development of complex systems related to banking software. The technologies I used there were C #, PL / SQL. Then my career took me to a German company, where I work to this day, where we develop our own e-commerce platform. The main technology I use is Java, I have the most experience with it, but in the last project I had to use Angular with it as a front and platform. In the last 2 years, along with software development, I have started working on how to use Scrum properly and effectively. I got a PSM I certificate, I also became a scrum master of the team and now with it we enjoy the exceptional advantages that Scrum provides, as long as they are used in the right way. Recently, I have focused more on Soft skills such as facilitation, team dynamics, conflict management, feedback, effective communication, etc.

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