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Front-End Fundamentals

Front-End Fundamentals training will teach you how to develop websites and enter the world of programming. The course presents the main technologies in web development - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The training balances theory and practice and will give you the knowledge and good practice you need to become a successful Front-End programmer.


For the exercises and the practical part during the classes each student must carry a personal laptop. The course is taught in Bulgarian, but it is good for students to have a good level of English.

SearchIT Front-End Fundamentals course
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  • Lesson 1 Introductory lecture - presentation of the course and its content. Introduction to HTML.
  • Lesson 2 Introduction to HTML
  • Lesson 3 Basics of HTML - tags, attributes, semantics
  • Lesson 4 Building a page with HTML
  • Lesson 5 Introduction to CSS
  • Lesson 6 Basics of CSS
  • Lesson 7 An in-depth look at CSS. Responsive design.
  • Lesson 8 HTML and CSS practice
  • Lesson 9 HTML and CSS practice
  • Lesson 10 Introduction to Programming and JavaScript
  • Lesson 11 Data Types in JavaScript and Functions
  • Lesson 12 Operations and control structures in JavaScript
  • Lesson 13 Exercises on the basic concepts of programming and JavaScript
  • Lesson 14 Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript
  • Lesson 15 Advanced JavaScript Concepts
  • Lesson 16 Asynchronous Operations and JavaScript
  • Lesson 17 Code Structure and Good Writing Practices JavaScript
  • Lesson 18 Exercise on Advanced JavaScript Concepts
  • Lesson 19 JavaScript and the browser. Manipulating the DOM via JavaScript.
  • Lesson 20 AJAX
  • Lesson 21 Exercise on JavaScript in the browser and AJAX
  • Lesson 22 Introduction to jQuery. Practical exercise with jQuery.
  • Lesson 23 Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Lesson 24 Practical project with Bootstrap
  • Lesson 25 Assigning a practical project
  • Lesson 26 Final consultations on a practical Front-end project
  • Lesson 27 Preparing for an interview. Preparation of CV

    • How to prepare a good CV
    • How to prepare for an interview
    • Frequently asked questions during an interview
    • Useful tips in the process of job search

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